In 1987, Utsumi Inc., was founded by Chimaki Utsumi to achieve his vision of becoming the creator of the highest quality shears designed specifically for professional barbers and hair stylists. Prior to the establishment of his own company, Chimaki Utsumi had attained industry wide acclaim as the person behind the world renowned. "Tenyo" barber shears. He was designated as "Mr. Tenyo" and earned great respect in the barber and hair salon industry for both the quality and innovation of his shears.

Mr. Utsumi dedicated his efforts to create his quality shears for all professional appreciations. He was the first in the world to successfully produce professional shears by using a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) technology. This innovation led to the creation of the next generation of high tech shears under such original brands as U&U, and NOVA. He also adapted new technology to bring the same quality improvements to thinning shears.
In 1994, he developed a new double-bladed thinning shear by collaborating with leading top hair stylists. This invention gained phenomenal popularity and is still in use today.  Along with the double bladed thinning shears, he developed other original thinning shears. He created and introduced a series of video tapes, "Let's use thinning shears" which made the thinning shears a booming success in Japan.
Using the latest technologies available, he also understood the importance and difficulty of maintaining the traditional techniques that had been practiced by a few craft men. This led him to make the decision to acquire the Tenyo factory which was founded in 1946. The acquisition allowed him to apply his technological and design advancements to well-respected brands of handmade shears including Jyo-Utopia and Nova and introduce his products worldwide through the Utsumi's product line. He has participated with exhibitions at the "Hair World" trade shows in Japan, England, and the United States since 1990.  Utsumi has also exhibited its products at many other conventions and trade shows all over the world.


In 1998 Utsumi, Inc. purchased B.W.Boyd Shears Inc., a California corporation, which had been distributing Japanese shears since 1976. This acquisition has allowed Utsumi to better expand and improve the marketing of the company's products in North America and beyond. The new company, Utsumi America, Inc. which uses the trade name of B.W.Boyd Shears is headed by CEO, Kazumi "Christy" Hagino.

The U.S. company participates in conventions and trade shows nationwide and develops and markets original shears for the U.S. market. Utsumi America conducts seminars designed to introduce the company's extensive product line and proper shear maintenance procedures. The company also provides sharpening services by technicians trained at the Utsumi factory in Japan.


Top hair stylists from Japan and many other nations visit the Utsumi factory in Osaka in order to gain an understanding of how shears are manufactured as well as see and feel the company's attention to quality and detail. Utsumi also gains an advantage from these visits by obtaining instant feedback for better product design and quality.