Learn the Art of Grooming

  • Kazuaki Jingu

    Kazuaki Jingu actively participated in competitions, and in 2002, he won the first prize in Japan at the age of 20 (Headquarters Trimming Competition Chairman's Award) at M. Schnauzer. (The youngest record in the history of the general department)  In 2004, he won the second best in Japan with M. Schnauzer.  In 2006, he won the Best Technology Award in the A-class scissor ring category at the headquarters tournament with T. Poodle's Continental Clip. (It is the first time in history to win a prize at the headquarters tournament with different breeds). In 2009, he achieved the first feat in history, winning the number one in Japan for the third time with T. Poodle's English saddle clip.  After that, he moved the stage of the competition overseas and continued to challenge mainly in the United States, and has been highly evaluated by top groomers in each country.

Grooming Comb Techniques with Kazuaki Jingu

Learn the proper techniques of your grooming comb.  Kazuaki teaches you the proper way of effectively and efficiently using your grooming comb the Japanese way in a 6.30 min video.