James Holberry


My name is James Holberry. I’m also known as ‘The Northern Dog Barber’ on social media.

I am a professional, C&G qualified groomer based in the UK. I mainly specialize in Asian Style grooming, but I also have a passion for the Bichon Frise breed standard and everyday salon grooming.

I am a regular competitor at grooming competitions both in the UK and internationally, with multiple first place wins in Asian styling; including ‘The Great British Grooming Show’ and ‘The Great British Groom Off’ along with receiving first place in ‘Pure Breed Scissor’ with the Bichon Frise breed standard at Mastergroom’ UK. I am very proud to have also been placed at the prestigious ‘Groomania’ competition in Belgium in 2023 and in Korean Fusion at the ‘Hyponic IGC’ competition in Vietnam 2024 amongst others.

I was also nominated as a finalist in the ‘Asian Stylist of the year’ and ‘Influencer of the Year’ categories at the International Grooming
Conference 2023.

My main passion lies in Asian and Korean style Grooming, but I love to take individual elements of these styles and implement them into every
day salon grooming for that extra bit of flair!

I am a member of the HYPONIC World Grooming team, as the Master Groomer representative for the UK.

I also travel the world delivering seminars, teaching Asian and
salon styling seminars, scissor work and product education which enables me to share my passion for dog grooming and my techniques with other groomers!

I am extremely proud to be a member of the Utsumi team and to be able to share my love of these industry leading, world class products!