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Size: 6"
Teeth: 30
Cut Out: 20%
Regular price $450.00
Regular price Sale price $450.00

NEW KT30 (20% ratio)

the essential tool for dog groomers. Precision meets tradition as these thinners effortlessly maintain a natural look with a 20% hair removal ratio. Elevate your grooming experience with the timeless efficiency of these classic thinners, ensuring a polished and well-groomed finish for your furry clients.


NEW KT40 (30% ratio)

these timeless tools combine precision and tradition, delivering a 30% hair removal ratio for impeccable styling. Elevate your grooming sessions with ease, ensuring a natural and well-groomed finish that stands the test of time. Classic efficiency, modern perfection for your furry companions.


Made in Japan


AUS 8 Japanese steel