AT 15/20/30 Thinner

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Size: 6"
%: 15
Regular price $750.00
Regular price Sale price $750.00

AT15 (15% ratio)                      

Perfect your cuts with our Thinning Shears, boasting a 15% thinning ratio for precise texturizing and seamless blending.


AT20 (20% ratio)

Unleash creativity with our All-Round Thinning Scissors, featuring a 20% thinning ratio for seamless texture and versatile styling. Elevate your craft with scissors designed for all styles, ensuring every snip is a blend of precision and perfection.


AT30 (30% ratio)

Sculp with ease using our Thinning Scissors with a 30% ratio, expertly crafted for precision volume reduction and seamless blending. Elevate your styling prowess with shears tailored for impeccable blending, ensuring a flawless, natural look.


Straight handle enable you to flip handle and good for scissors over comb technique for finishing.


Made in Japan 


ATS314 Cobalt