Slide Control 20/60/80 Shear

Regular price $660.00
Regular price Sale price $660.00
Size: 5.6"
Slide %: 20%
Handle Style: Offset
Regular price $660.00
Regular price Sale price $660.00

20%... The straight blade line and sharp edge minimize hair movement on the blade, making it ideal for precise and blunt cuts with exceptional control.


60%... Versatile slide-cutting foundation suitable for all-around use. Excellent for both dry and wet cutting, offering a gentle cutting sensation with its medium leaf-shaped blade.


80%...The leaf-shaped blade and subtle cutting edge offer a gentle cutting sensation and remarkable hair sliding on the blade, resulting in a soft and wispy finish. Ideal for slide cuts and stroke cuts.


Made in Japan 


V10 Cobalt


User Comment

Slide Control 80%

It's a most have within your shear collection. If you love slicing / sliding cutting technique to create softness and movement in a haircut, look no further. 

- Kuni, Kuni Vision, CA -


Slide Control 60%

This shears are a great contender when considering which shears to use for a slide cut technique. I like these shears because they are the mid range of the SLIDE Set which means that they cut through both wet and dry hair without any issue. 

- Nickolaus James, Alchemy Men's Grooming, CA -