UM 16/29 Thinner

Regular price $720.00
Regular price Sale price $720.00
Size: 6"
Teeth: 16
Screw: Adjuster Screw
Regular price $720.00
Regular price Sale price $720.00

UM16 (40%-50% ratio)

Redefine your cutting style with our Chunker, boasting a powerful 45% hair removal ratio for bold, textured looks. Craft dynamic styles effortlessly, achieving the perfect balance of volume and texture with every cut. Elevate your artistry with a chunker designed for precision and creativity, making a statement with every hairstyle.


UM29 (20% ratio)

Discover the art of hairstyling with our 20% Hair Removal Ratio Thinners, featuring a unique tooth design. Crafted for precision, these thinners create seamless texture and dimension, setting your styles apart. Elevate your expertise with this essential tool for hairstylists seeking perfection.


Made in Japan


ATS314 Cobalt