UMM 30/35 Thinner

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Regular price Sale price $720.00
Size: 6"
Teeth: 30
Screw: Adjuster Screw
Regular price $720.00
Regular price Sale price $720.00

UMM30 (20% ratio)

Introducing our 20% Hair Removal Ratio Thinners – the hairstylist's secret for achieving effortless texture and dimension. Crafted for precision, these thinners deliver a perfect blend with a 20% hair removal ratio. Elevate your artistry and create stunning hairstyles with ease.


UMM35 (30% ratio)

Meet our revolutionary 30% Hair Removal Ratio Thinners, featuring micro-serrated teeth for precise hairstyling. Elevate your craft with these advanced tools, designed for hairstylists who strive for perfection in creating texture and dimension. Effortlessly achieve distinctive hairstyles with our exceptional thinners.


Made in Japan


ATS314 Cobalt